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Food Chain Intelligence closed its operations in June 2011.

I truly appreciate your interest in this website and I look forward to maintaining contact through LinkedIn.

My site will remain open and it will serve as an archive of my newsletter, blog and general information.

To my clients, friends and readers, thank you for your support.

All the best,

Silvia Estrada-Flores


Food Chain Intelligence (FCI) is a niche consultancy firm that provides expert advice in:

  • The supply chain of perishable foods, from gate to plate.
  • Technical intelligence on innovation, logistics and value chains in the food industry.
  • Operating procedures and plans to achieve a safe, integrated supply chain while minimising environmental impacts.

Silvia Estrada-Flores, Principal Consultant, has strong technical and business qualifications with 17 years of experience in assessing cold chains performance and strategic planning of innovation in food chains.

FCI specialises in projects that require “out-of-the-box” thinking and where traditional supply chain analysis may not deliver a solution.

For example:

-Evaluating the potential benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID)-based traceability on food businesses requires skills in technological forecasting, plus a sound knowledge of food logistics.

-Assessing the potential return-on-investment of a new technology to reuse food waste for bioactive recovery needs an understanding of supply and demand factors that can "make or break" a business venture.

-Reduction strategies of environmental impacts in food chains must consider the impacts on production yield, quality, shelf-life and food safety.

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Please email all enquiries to Dr Silvia Estrada-Flores.

Recent events

Outcomes of the project "Understanding Victoria's Fruit and Vegetable Freight Movements":

Dr Leorey Marquez to present the results of a VEIL-CSIRO-FCI project in the First International Workshop on Food Supply Chain (WFSC): "The Food Journey".June 26 – July 1, 2011. Bertinoro (FC) and Orvieto (TR), Italy.

Dr Silvia Estrada-Flores to present the results of a VEIL-CSIRO-FCI project in the 44th Convention, Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Incorporated (AIFST). 12th July 2011. Sydney, Australia.

Dr Leorey Marquez to present the results of a VEIL-CSIRO-FCI project in the 19th Triennial Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS2011) .10-15th July 2011. Melbourne, Australia.

Presentations recently delivered by Silvia Estrada-Flores:

Half-day seminar on perishable supply chains in an event sponsored by the Logistics Association of Australia and UNISA. Adelaide, SA, March 24 2011.

"Supply Chain Management Tools for Shelf-life Extension". Food Safety Centre Symposium, organised by the Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research (TIAR), 10-11 February 2011.

Half-day seminar on perishable supply chains in an event sponsored by the Logistics Association of Australia and the University of Western Sydney. May 19, 2010.

Other events:

Silvia participated in the OpenIdeo team "Food Hub", which was a winning concept in the competition "How might we better connect food production and consumption?". Congratulations to Lauren Delaquilla for proposing the winning concept. Also, well done to the rest of the Hub team for their hard work during the 2-day workshop in May 2011.

Food Chain Intelligence releases five reports for the Australian vegetable industry. 07/12/2010.

Dr Mark Tamplin's presentation on New Tools for Oyster Supply Chain Management. Shellfish Futures 2010. St Helens, Sept 10-11.

Silvia Estrada-Flores was interviewed by Australia's Best Food and Drink magazine. Read the interview here.




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Queensland floods. During Jan 10-Jan17, I prepared and distributed information and maps about the effect of QLD floods on supermarket supply chains and food distribution. The information was posted in my blog. Some notes below will still be relevant for some months to come.

Flood assistance for small businesses and primary producersQLD floods: impacts in food and agricultureTransport infrastructure affected by floods in QLDFood safety advice by Safe Food Queensland QLD floods-Brisbane MarketsQLD floods mapping-Depiction filesExtension of roads closed in QLDQueensland floods- the problem of food distribution to supermarketsSupermarkets affected by floods in QLD and Central Brisbane.Floods in QLD: mapping and simulation.Australian Food Statistics 2009-10.

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