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Specialised Information Services  


Food Chain Intelligence regularly undertakes presentations on the economic, environmental and technological drivers affecting the food industry in the global and Australian contexts. Other topics in our presentations include the use of innovation (e.g. ICT, environmental technology, supply chain) for performance improvement and factors affecting quality and safety of fresh produce.

Our preparation includes a thorough research phase to present up-to-date information on trends, products, markets, key companies, and factors affecting market performance in a variety of food sectors.

We offer these services to our clients, as well as at international conferences.

To see some examples, click here.

Send us an e-mail describing your projected presentation.

Specialised Technical Writing Services

Our technical writing services can be provided in English or Spanish and include:

  • Validation protocols for cold chain operations
  • Refrigerated equipment documentation
  • Literature search and analysis
  • Reports on global food supply trends and policies
  • Blog posts on a wide range of aspects related to food chains

Silvia Estrada-Flores is an active writer and editor. Her editorial roles include:

  • Member of the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Refrigeration (Elsevier), 2008 to date.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Food and Bioprocess Technology (Springer), 2006-2009.
  • Member of the Editorial Council of Industria Alimentaria (Alfa Editores, Mexico), 1997-2002

Some of the topics she has written about are:

  • Quality, safety and shelf-life of chilled and frozen foods
  • Regulations and standards for the safe transport and storage of foods
  • Innovations in cold chain equipment and practices (e.g. Radio Frequency Identification, energy efficiency and thermal packaging)
  • The extraction of high value compounds from food waste
  • Pharmaceutical cold chain
  • Environmental aspects of food supply chains
  • Mathematical modelling as a tool for improving the design of food processes and equipment

Samples of her work can be found in Book Chapters and Papers, Conference Proceedings, Posters and Presentations, and in the 'Chain of Thought' newsletter.


The production of an article for an industry magazine with an extension of 2,000 words requires the following systematic approach:

(1) Searching at least 10 authoritative sources in the subject (including scientific and industry sources).

(2) Analysing the information sourced with scientific rigour and critical thinking

(3) Designing the document to present relevant sections, figure, tables and key messages.

(4) Editing and read-proofing the final version.

E-mail us today for an assessment of your needs and a quote.


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