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'Chain of Thought' e-Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2010 edition of 'Chain of Thought' - FCI's e-Newsletter.

As the Australian Government advances the National Broadband Network project (with an initial budget of $43 billion, now decreased to $35.7 billion), it is timely to ask how rural communities and in particular, farmers, will take advantage of the NBN. The article entitled “Are Australian food chains ICT-ready?” discusses the readiness of farmers to adopt supply chain applications based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The technologies analysed are farm enterprise resource planning (ERP); electronic commerce (e-commerce), digital pricing, RFID tracking, traceability and monitoring; and precision agriculture.

Our second article “Achieving temperature control and energy efficiency in the cold chain” discusses how systemic change of the cold chain sector for a low-carbon future could be achieved using a two-tiered approach. In the first tier, emphasis on preventive maintenance, review of refrigerated equipment standards, certification processes, food safety standards and maximum safe temperatures for cold chain management could be considered. In the second tier, the implementation of new energy labelling and MEPS in all links of the chain, the introduction of alternative refrigeration systems and the development of smart management systems is recommended. This article is a summary of an in-extenso paper presented by Silvia Estrada-Flores in the 1st IIR Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain (Cambridge, UK) this year.


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Happy reading and happy holidays!

Silvia Estrada-Flores

Principal Consultant


Newsletter Archive

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In this newsletter, we highlight the factors of importance in the maintenance of fruit and vegetable quality. We also discuss the increase in fresh produce related outbreaks in recent years. Finally, we illustrate the effect of quality losses in commercial operations, using a stochastic simulation to calculate potential wastage in value and volume.



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