"In Mexico, the joke is that if you are not eating, you are cooking or thinking about what are you going to have for lunch...food is not only sustenance. It is the glue of our social fabric. Friendships, business and family affairs are sorted more often than not during a meal. You should not be surprised to hear that I chose to study Food Engineering and that my career has evolved around food and agriculture.

 As a global citizen, I have made it one of my life goals to communicate the importance of technical and scientific knowledge in the development of a robust, healthy and dynamic agri-food sector. My career spans over 20 years in organisations that live and breath R&D, such as the National University of Mexico, Mabe Tecnologia y Proyectos, CSIROBayer CropScience, Food South Australia and Plant & Food Research."


Silvia Estrada-Flores is Principal Consultant and founder of FCI. She has strong technical and business qualifications with over 20 years of experience in agri-food chains, refrigerated storage and transport systems, post-harvest, and competitive/technical intelligence. Silvia has worked with agricultural suppliers, logistics providers, growers and food manufacturers in Australia, Mexico and South East Asia.

Silvia holds a Bachelor in Science (Food Eng) from the National University of Mexico, a PhD from Massey University (New Zealand), a Graduate Certificate in Food Business Management from Monash University (Australia) and she is currently undertaking Master in Agribusiness studies at the University of Melbourne.

Silvia is an author of more than 40 confidential reports for a variety of public and private companies. She has also produced over 40 publications including book chapters and articles published in scientific journals and trade magazines. Silvia has been an invited speaker in industry forums sponsored by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA, formely known as Logistics Association of Australia), the International Institute of Refrigeration, IQPC, Lloyd’s Register, APEC, FAO/WHO, CSIRO and the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise agency, among others.

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