Our Approach

FCI specialises in projects that require “out-of-the-box” thinking, where traditional approaches may not deliver the expected outcomes. Our methods vary and adapt according to our clients' needs.

Our general approach is:

a) Talk to our clients about their needs and discuss potential solutions.

b) Present a preliminary project proposal and budget.

c) Present a detailed project plan and schedule. Some iterations may be needed to ensure that our clients are happy with the plan outlined.

d) Development of the project.

e) Implementation of the solution (depending on the case).

f) Provision of recommendations for future work (if applicable) or improvement.

g) Provision of other business contacts that may enrich the clients' project prospects.

During the development of the project, there is constant communication with the client to ensure that the solution remains relevant and on target.


We are reasonable and understand that change is a fact of life: there is flexibility for changes/additions as the project progresses.

We pride ourselves in value adding at each step of the project.