Our Services

FCI provides consultancy and specialised information services in topics relevant to industries and organisations working in agriculture, refrigeration, food processing, and the innovation ecosystem.

Customized Business and Technical Intelligence

We can provide:

  • Financial analyses and comparisons of firms working in the agribusiness/food sector, listed in the ASX. This includes: revenue sources and segments, profitability (profit margin ratios, return on assets, return on equity), activity ratios (asset / stock turnover etc), cross-sectional comparisons (where benchmark information is available), and key strengths and concerns. 

  • Competitive intelligence on market strategies for perishable products (horticultural sector in particular), describing key selling proposition, price/volume positioning, target markets (domestic/export), SWOT analyses, and detection of critical market strategy issues.

  • Preliminary financial and technical evaluation of bioeconomy ventures, focusing on supply/demand aspects.

Consultancy on operational aspects of cold chains


  • Provide advice on safe transport and storage conditions, to optimise food safety and shelf-life for perishables (including agriculture, food and life-science products).

  • Investigate the reasons behind cold chain damages in perishable products and provide potential solutions.

  • Analyse the effect of post-harvest methods and practices on the quality and safety of your products.

  • Develop robust and scientifically-based validation plans for refrigerated equipment, which can be integrated as a part of your Quality Assurance Systems.

  • Provide advice on relevant practices and equipment standards (AS 4982-2003, AS3711.5-2000, European ATP, US ARI Std 1110 2001, ISO 1496-2:1996) for refrigerated transport.


Specialised Writing​ Services

Our technical writing services can be provided in English or Spanish and include:

  • Literature search and analysis.

  • Reports on global food supply trends and policies.

  • Articles/blog posts on a wide range of aspects related to food chains.

Some of the topics that we have covered include:

  • Quality, safety and shelf-life of chilled and frozen foods

  • Regulations and standards for the safe transport and storage of foods

  • Innovations in cold chain equipment and practices (e.g. Radio Frequency Identification, energy efficiency and thermal packaging)

  • The extraction of high value compounds from food waste

  • Pharmaceutical cold chain

  • Environmental aspects of food supply chains

  • Mathematical modelling as a tool for improving the design of food processes and equipment


Check our past projects and archive for some examples.