Past Projects

a) Contributor to the report Identification and Assessment of Value-Added Export Market Opportunities for Non-GMO Labelled Food products from South Australia. The report outlines global trends and opportunities for SA's food and beverage producers to capitalise on its non-GM status.

b) Using low-grade and processed by-products from pome and citrus fruits for bioactive extraction. This project delivered a preliminary evaluation of (a) the supply-side opportunities (i.e. the business case for citrus and apple growers); and (b) the demand-side opportunities (i.e. consumer market available for bioactive-enhanced products). Cost-benefit analyses for both citrus and pome fruit industries were also performed.

c) Demonstration of refrigerated food storage using renewable energy in rural villages in India.
This project investigated food quality factors during cold storage and the theory of shelf-life modelling for a range of products. The shelf-life of selected horticultural products, raw beef, raw poultry, raw fish fillets and raw and pasteurised milk was modelled for a range of temperatures. Finally, the implications of the use of a solar system with temperatures ranging from 8 to 16 deg C on keeping quality for each product category were discussed.


d) Opportunities and challenges faced with emerging technologies in the Australian vegetable industry. We delivered five reports that review emerging technologies for vegetable growers and manufacturers, covering supply chain and logistics, environmental technologies, production technologies and quality and safety, among other aspects. 

e) Assessment of Food Safety Risks across a Transport and Distribution Network. We developed a quantitative supply chain model for risk assessment of Listeria monocytogenes during the distribution of fresh-cut lettuce from farm to consumer. In collaboration with CSIRO. 

f) Invited Expert in the FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on microbiological hazards in leafy green vegetables and herbs (Bangkok, Thailand 5 - 9 May 2008) and co-autorship of the resulting report: "Microbiological hazards in fresh fruit and vegetables", 2008. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; World Health Organization, p. 38.